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52375 Newport WR Oak Light Brown mix

£14.16 sq m ex VAT

Actual Area (sq m) 1.97
Total Price £27.94
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What does it mean to live an inspired life?

Quite simply, it is questing for the most vivid experiences, capturing moments of heightened awareness, and shaping life around what will create the most thrilling memories. To live in an excited state of readiness is to believe that the wild rush of freedom can be uncovered around every corner.

After all, what are dreams, but an invitation to be more alive? Your dreams should be the beauty you wake up to, the happiness you come home to, and the gratitude you go to sleep with. Makes sense, then, to build a dream home to house the dreamer.

Splash Proof, Sold in boxes of 1.973 m2, Board size 1286 x 194 x 8 mm

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Dimensions 1286 × 194 × 8 cm